An attempt to summon a pictorial representation of my life inspires the vague image of a plotted wave.Read More »



A close, credible friend gave me a critique the other day. He said that my posts are too long. “Make them short and sweet,” he said, making it sound like a euphemism for something very sexual. I’m horribly passive-aggresive, and terrible at taking criticism, so I simply nodded, gave him a buffalo smile and said, “Will do.”


400,000 men

I’m back! Okay, so I lied about the leave thing. I’m a fiend, I know. What’s that idiomatic expression—let bygones be bygones? Yes, let’s. I’m about to go see a big feature on Mama Ngina Street, so here’s a thousand words I wrote to make a big deal out of it. For your troubles. Read More »