Reading Moi, One Year On

Morton’s Moi
by Njoroge Mugo

Considering where it leaves off—at the cusp of yet another wave of dissent, with Moi trying to reassure Kenyans of his intention to retire—Andrew Morton’s 1998 biography of the now-dead former president, MOI: THE MAKING OF AN AFRICAN STATESMAN, ends in relative calm.

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A close, credible friend gave me a critique the other day. He said that my posts are too long. “Make them short and sweet,” he said, making it sound like a euphemism for something very sexual. I’m horribly passive-aggresive, and terrible at taking criticism, so I simply nodded, gave him a buffalo smile and said, “Will do.”



Welcome, yet again, to another one of my bimonthly posts. Thank you for your continued readership and your loyalty to this space. Today, in commemoration of this, my 20th post, I would like to share with you some of my deepest, personal beliefs.Read More »

The Hare and the Reasonable Hyena

It’s evening time in the jungle. As the sun sets, the animals settle in in their caves for the night. In one particular cave there lives 2 friends, the hare and the hyena. They have been friends for a long time. Though they have different personalities, they are both of very colorful, spontaneous character which makes for a rather novel but good friendship. 

 Today evening, the hyena sits alone quietly in the digs reading a book. The hare has just arrived home from his walks in the forest. He has a bag full of honey and meats with him.Read More »