Maiden Voyage

This is tough. Creativity is tough. It’s a gift. You either have it or you don’t. Or you think, Meh I’m OK, so you start a WordPress blog so you can vent. In this case, only time will tell.
I find words to be effective solutions to solving the abstract as well as the real. Beautiful. Therapeutic. Artsy.
Words teach. Words harm. Words incite. Words invoke emotion. Words are powerful. Hell, words kill.

And here’s a picture of words.

Growing up I didn’t read as much as one – who purports to be a writer in the making – should. Only books with pictures that would ease my understanding, (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, guilty pleasure right there). The bug hit me later, from a book I read way back. From a renowned African writer. He’s dead now, but his book changed my life*. Regardless, I strive to up my ‘book cred’ to a braggable* level. That respectable niche. That level where people I know will be like ‘Dude. I wanna start reading this. (Holds up a book) Is it good?’ Then the other dude’ll be like ‘Go ask Django; he’s well read’.

Stack Of Books
And here’s another lovely shot of stacked books

I believe every good writer should have a signature literary style, not necessarily a complete trademark, but a manner of writing uniquely identifiable to his audience – be it in writing tone, exclamation, humour, brevity or whatever. Just, something. I favor a personal/conversational prose with a humorous, insightful and objective approach to subject matter.

That said, I’m up to the challenge. I really hope this works out and to keep you guys entertained, cause there A LOT of these things (WP blogs) out there; but uhmm, you know, you have to start somewhere. Welcome and keep reading.



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