Behind the mirror

This is a poem by one of my closeted-writer friends. I like that its one of those poems where you don’t really understand who its addressed or really what it means; but it makes you think. But then you stop thinking and open another tab to look for the video of that new annoying J-Lo song about not being your mama.

Anyway, I think its about breaking up with his girlfriend.

Here it is.

Behind the mirror   by ‘Big Toast’
Here I am
Looking into my eyes
I was told to only look into what is mine
So I looked at it from nine..ten..eleven..then I lost track of time
“What really is my problem?” I asked myself
Is it the face? The hair? Or is it the eyes?
I actually have no idea
All I know is that she is fair
And love is all we share
Our journey together has been conflicted
Wondering who should be more committed
Now that she left
She has put me back to the test
Wondering “Should I text?”
Now I’m back here again
Staring at myself
Behind the mirror.


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