I Am Not Going Back To Dandora

There was a time in my life when I could run. I was known for it. I wore tiny school shorts and under them, ever so rigidly would fall the thinnest legs you’d ever seen on an 10-year-old.Read More »

Guest post from King

Guys, guys. Calm down. Just chill, put down your pitchforks. 6 weeks, I know. It’s been harder on me, believe that. I could lie to you, I could feed you the ‘I’ve been sick’ or the old ‘The dog ate my blog’ routine but I’m not going to do that now. I’m going to do that next week. So let’s pick it up then.
Today I want to introduce you to a good writer frienda mine, King. That’s not his real name though. His name is Simon Kinyua Mathenge. I would never tell him this but I’ve always thought that he has one of those generic names that you see in Daily Nation classifieds above the caption, “The above person, whose photo is attached herewith, is wanted by the Kenya Police to assist in investigations..”
Hoho! Come on, it’s a good joke. Anyway, he was a good sport when I asked him to pen something for my blog because it had started growing mould on it. He has some serious write in him. Also, he lives for the show ‘Devious Maids’. You can find him on feelingthegaps

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